High Traffic Structures

When it is time to build a new structure, the amount of space needed is usually the first consideration. Walls, ceilings and roofs are all measured by the interior needed for inhabitants, and even the flooring will be part of the metrics used to design it. Some areas will see very little movement through them, but other areas could need high traffic flooring to ensure they last throughout the years. It can make the design element decisions easier or more difficult when achieving overall harmony within the structure. Being able to make those decisions is usually left in the hands of experts, but even those with less knowledge will understand good materials need to be part of the design.

Building Walls

There are many different materials that can be used to create interior and exterior walls. Concrete or blocks are often part of industrial type buildings because they will last for many years. Walls made of wood can be thought of as reserved for housing, but brick, stone, and concrete are all used today for the purpose of longevity. The decision might come down to the costs involved, or it could be based on local zoning requirements. Exterior walls could be made of a particular material, but interior walls might be less costly if constructed with another.

Roofing Materials

Buildings tend not to last long if they are exposed to the elements, so it is important that the roofing materials be of good quality. Some environments are more forgiving than others, but years of weathering can demolish a roof that is not properly constructed. Materials are often based on what the local weather dictates, and they are generally rated for one or two decades before replacement is deemed necessary. While some roofs can be constructed with materials that will last longer, it all depends upon the cost of the original installation to make a choice.

Flooring Needs

Flooring for any structure usually consists of two or three layers. If a building is one floor constructed on a slab, there will only be two layers because the actual flooring people use will be laid on top of the slab. Multiple stories or beam construction underneath the floor requires a sub-floor. High traffic areas may need to look beautiful, but they will have to stand up to a great deal of traffic. A terrazzo floor is often chosen due to its long wear life. It is made by combining resin with colourful dried aggregates or resin bound aggregates from a company such as Pennine Aggregates. The materials they provide are beautiful, and they can create flooring that will last through several generations.

There are many material decisions that go into creating any modern structure, and the need for longevity might be an overriding factor. Knowing how long the structure will be in good shape can help with a sale, or it might make the difference between being affordable and out of reach. Knowing that the best materials for the local environment have been used is often a deciding factor, but beauty and charm can still make a building worth purchasing.